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New Play Production The aim of CTG’s Artistic Development Program is to foster and develop a broad range of new theatrical work from artists within the diverse communities of Los Angeles as well as from across the nation and abroad.

The Program harnesses the talents and efforts of CTG’s entire artistic staff, particularly the Dramaturgy and New Play Development department (headed by Pier Carlo Talenti, Director of Dramaturgy and New Play Development) and the Collective and Ensemble Development Initiative (headed by Associate Artistic Director Diane Rodriguez). The Dramaturgy and New Play Development department, which also includes Literary Manager and Artistic Engagement Strategist Joy Meads, commissions and develops new plays and musicals. The Collective and Ensemble Development Initiative commissions and develops company - created work and a wide array of non-script-based or devised work.

Both the Initiative and the department collaborate to ensure that CTG's Program, whose day-to-day operations are overseen by Artistic Development Program Manager Patricia Garza, continues to bring the country's most innovative talents to our stages as well as to theatres nationally and internationally.

The components of the program include:

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Above: Richard Montoya in "Chavez Ravine."
Photo by Craig Schwartz.