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Center Theatre Group's New Play Production program ensures that a variety of vibrant new theatrical work will be produced on our stages. The program is specifically designed to foster not only development, but production of new work from artists within the diverse communities of Los Angeles, as well as from across the nation and abroad.

New Play Production

It is CTG's intention that this initiative will provide professional and career growth for artists, a broadening of horizons for theatregoers, enrichment of the field of theatre through support of new and rarely heard voices, and growth for Southern California in terms of cultural and attendant economic impact. The design, themes and impulses of the New Play Production program will help infuse a vitality and a wealth of diverse work into theatres in Los Angeles and around the nation.

Script Submissions

If you've written a script and would like to send it to Center Theatre Group, please submit a brief description of the work and from five to ten sample pages. Your description need not be a full synopsis of the plot. Describe the play—the world, the characters, the conflict, your reasons for writing it. The sample pages, of course, will be most helpful to us in deciding whether or not to request the full manuscript. Multiple submissions are not encouraged.

New Play ProductionYou may also include any supporting materials—such as a résumé, audio tape and/or reviews of your work—that might allow us a broader view of you and your work. Please allow us approximately six to eight weeks to review your submission. As always, please include a SASE for all correspondence and, should you desire it, the return of your materials.

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Photo Credit

Above: Richard Montoya in "Chavez Ravine."
Photo by Craig Schwartz.

L to R: Ben Guillory, LaFern Watkins and Doug Cox in "Permanent Collection."
Photo by Craig Schwartz.