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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

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Center Theatre Group Internship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When do internships start/end, and how do I apply? 
CTG offers three cycles annually:
Fall – applications open in late August; positions last October-December
Spring – applications open in late December; positions last February-April
Summer – applications open in late April; positions last June-August
Apply by visiting during the application window.  All materials and full instructions will be available, along with descriptions of each open internship position.  To be notified as soon as internships are available, please follow the CTG Emerging Artists Green Room on Facebook.

What is the time commitment?
Undergraduate internships are 10 weeks long, and range from 10-16 hours/week depending on the position.  These hours must be split over just two days/week.  Graduate-level internships are 13 weeks long, and range from 20-32 hours/week split over three to four days/week.  You must be available on Fridays between 11am-3pm, and indicate adequate availability on the PDF Internship Application form to be considered.  Interns work during CTG’s regular office hours, M-F 10am-6pm.  Exceptions are noted on Internship Descriptions.  We do not have weekend internships available.  Please see the Internship Descriptions for details and exact dates. 

What if I only have one afternoon available?
I know Fridays are required, but I have a class that day.

Please do not apply if you do not have ample time to commit to this program.  Friday availability between the hours of 11am – 3pm is a program requirement.

Are internships paid?
Can I get school credit for a CTG internship?  
All of our interns are compensated, either through college/university credit or via a stipend.  When you apply, please indicate which you would prefer to receive.  If you indicate you are able to take the internship for credit, you will be expected to do so if selected.  Stipends are based on hours per week worked, and range from $500 per term for undergraduates to $1,000/month for graduate students.  Once the internship is secured, it is the responsibility of the intern to register for an internship course and inform his/her supervisor of any requirements or paperwork necessary to receive credit.

I’m willing to be an unpaid intern.  Can I just come in and help?
No.  Center Theatre Group does not host any unpaid interns. 

What kinds of internships do you offer, and in which departments?
Do you know whether you’ll offer a specific position next semester?
Positions vary by semester.  We offer an average of ten undergraduate positions and three graduate-level positions each semester.  In the past two years, undergraduate internships have been offered in Account Sales, Artistic Development, August Wilson Monologue Competition Programs, Community Partnerships, Company Management, Costume Design, Development, Education, Finance, Front-of-House, Graphics, Human Resources, Information Systems, Lighting Design, Marketing, Media & Communications, Prop Design, Theatre Management and Ticket Operations.  Graduate-level positions have been offered in August Wilson Monologue Competition Production, Education, Information Systems, Literary, Marketing, Sherwood Award Program, Technical Direction and Producing.  At this time, we are not able to offer internships in Acting, Directing, Scenic Design or Stage Management.  Internship positions for an upcoming semester are decided on approximately three months before each internship starts.

Do interns participate in additional professional development?
Why do I need to be available on Fridays?  Can I skip that?
Can I start or end my internship later?
CTG Internships are structured learning experiences that include weekly Professional Development sessions on Friday afternoons from 12pm-2pm.  These mandatory sessions focus on topics such as Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Careers in Los Angeles Theatre, Diversity & Inclusion, and Personal Values.  For this reason, we are not flexible regarding start and end dates, and all interns must be available on Fridays from 12pm-2pm (preferably all day).


Can I send you one application and be considered for all of the positions? 
Can I send you my resume to keep on file?

No.  All applicants must submit a separate cover letter, resume, and PDF CTG Internship Application for each position during the application window.  The CTG Internship Program does not keep resumes on file.  Choose one position that greatly interests you and submit a thoughtful, well-researched cover letter that expresses what you would bring to the position, what you hope to learn, and why the internship would support you in your career development.  If two positions appeal to you, you can submit two separate cover letters and we will see to it that each is considered separately. 

I’m interested in interning in a specific department but I don’t see it listed in the internship descriptions.  Are opportunities available?  
Not this semester.  Each semester we offer different internships in a variety of departments.  Please check back next semester.

Do you offer acting/design/stage management/directing/producing internships? 
No, not at this time. 

I’m open to working in any department—I just want to learn about theatre! 
You don’t have any internships in my career path as a director/designer/actor, but I really want to work with CTG.
What position should I apply for?
We strongly suggest you only apply for a position that will support you in your career path.  With up to 40 applications for each position, our supervisors are looking for a person with genuine interest in the specific internship position, and whose career would be supported and enhanced by this internship opportunity.  For example, the strongest candidate for the Casting internship is someone who has a demonstrated interest in Casting, some experience, and is curious about pursuing Casting as a career.  If you are looking for a broader experience or aren’t sure what area of arts management appeals to you, you may be better suited to an internship at a smaller theatre company, where you’ll have opportunities to work with multiple departments.  For summer positions, we suggest you look at the range of local theatre companies participating in the Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program.  If you are sure you want to be an actor, designer or director, a CTG internship may not be the best thing you can do to support your career development.  You might subscribe to Big Cheap Theatre, a Yahoo! Listserv used by the Los Angeles theatre community to post auditions, jobs, volunteer opportunities, and community announcements.  You can learn how to audition for CTG here

The internship description says I should submit a customized cover letter and a work resume.  What are those?
Unlike a form letter, which could be sent to multiple organizations for a variety of positions, a customized cover letter addresses the specific requirements of a position and details why the applicant is interested in attaining that position at a particular organization.  You can find great examples of business letter format and cover letter best practices online.  A strong cover letter for the CTG Internship Program usually addresses:

  • Why you want to work in a particular department and/or with the internship supervisor.
  • What you hope to learn or gain from the internship, and how this will support your career path.
  • Why you are interested in learning these skills at CTG (instead of a smaller theatre, a for-profit theatre, a movie studio, etc.).
  • What you bring to the position that makes you uniquely suited to the internship.

A work resume is a one to two page document that outlines an applicant’s education, work history and what each position entailed, and hard skills (computer programs, languages spoken, etc.).  Some resumes also include information about volunteer positions, awards received, and professional reference contact information.  Please do not include a photo, acting credits, a list of courses taken, or fun facts.  A CV (curriculum vitae) is a longer version of a resume used in academia within the United States or in place of a resume in Europe; these are not appropriate for a CTG Internship Program application.

I’m an international student.  May I apply?
Yes.  International students have interned at CTG while on a three-month student Visa.  However, we do not sponsor international applicants and applying for a J1 Visa is likely not a viable option for our program, as our internships are only 10 weeks long and the J1 is designed for a longer work opportunity. 

I’m in high school/under age 18.  May I apply? 
Unfortunately, no.  We do not offer internships for high school students and/or people under the age of 18.  We encourage you to explore our Student Body programs.

I’m of college age, but haven’t yet started college.  May I apply? 
We do consider applications from people not currently enrolled in higher education.  Please call Camille Schenkkan at (213) 972-8031 or email to discuss.

I’ve been out of college/university for more than one semester (undergraduates) or one year (graduate-level).  Can I still apply?
Unfortunately, no.  Our internship opportunities are limited and are designed for very early-career professionals.  Please take a look at CTG’s employment page.

I’m in college/graduate school, but am older than most college students.  Is there an age limit to the internship program?
No, our program has no age limitations.  If you fit the eligibility requirements and believe you would benefit from our internship program, we encourage you to apply.

Why do you ask for my ethnicity/gender identification/arrest history?  Who sees this information?
Only the first page of the CTG Internship Application is given to the supervisor along with the applicant’s resume and cover letter.  The additional pages, which collect candidate data for tracking and human resources purposes, are only seen by the internship Program Manager in Education and Community Partnerships, who does not make selection decisions.  Demographic data is optional, but helps us report on our program.  Information about past felonies is required.

I’m an educator and would like to get materials for students, be put on your mailing list to hear about internship opportunities, and/or arrange for a CTG representative to visit my college or university campus. 
We would love to connect with you.  Please call Camille Schenkkan at (213) 972-8031 or email

My friend got an internship a few years ago without applying.  Does that still happen? 
No.  In the interest of fairness and equal access, all Center Theatre Group internships are administrated through this open application process. 

I’m having a technical problem with the application, have a question not answered here, or would like additional information. 
Please call Camille Schenkkan at (213) 972-8031 or email

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