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Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve your group’s experience. We are happy to explore new ideas in helping you find the best option.

Customize Your Theatre Experience


As the Account Sales Manager of Center Theatre Group, I am excited to introduce you to a venture where we offer more than just an opportunity to buy tickets for your group: Account Sales. If you want to simply bring a group to the theatre, we certainly can help you with that. But by becoming an Account Sales Partner, you also have access to a variety of additional services and benefits.

Make your next visit to the theatre a truly special event. We have an experienced team that can tailor a unique package that meets your needs. Let us help you plan a special reception before or after the event. Or make great memories last even longer by sharing show-related merchandise. Account Sales can even help you share webpages within your organization so your employees, members or clients can purchase discount tickets on their own and in advance of the general public.

Our three award-winning theatres present some of the finest entertainment Los Angeles has to offer. From spectacular musicals to intimate dramas that hit closer to home, we want to change your lives. Contact us and let us know how Account Sales can help you share the magic of theatre with others your way.

I look forward to working with you.


Michael Zoldessy
Account Sales Manager
Center Theatre Group