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"This is satire with a scorpion's sting.

'November' really is vintage David Mamet in a bubblier, frothier bottle... And the never-better Ed Begley, Jr. and national treasure Felicity Huffman are a marvel.” - Bob Verini, Variety

The State of the Union has never been funnier

So, a lesbian, a Native American and a turkey lobbyist walk into the White House…

The Oval Office descends into a three-ring circus of political incorrectness in this riotous farce about an unpopular president desperate to be re-elected. President Charles Smith and his cohorts will stop at nothing to beg, bargain and browbeat their way into a second term. Will human decency prevail?

Emmy Award-nominee Ed Begley Jr. (Arrested Development, A Mighty Wind) and Academy Award-nominee and Emmy Award-winner Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives, TransAmerica) lead the cast in Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet’s delicious spoof of the highest office in the nation.

November Cast

It's no easy act for Felicity Huffman
The actress, talks opinions, mothering and more in the Los Angeles Times feature article.

Felicity Huffman on Good Day LA
Watch Felicity discuss her role and What The Flicka

Ed Begley, Jr. on KTLA
Watch Ed do impression and talk about playing the President

Artistic Director Michael Ritchie


Watch his take on November


  • by
    David Mamet
  • Directed by
    Scott Zigler
  • Scenic Designs by
    Takeshi Kata
  • Costum Designs by
    Laura Bauer
  • Lighting Design by
    Josh Epstein
  • Ed Begley, Jr.
  • Gregory Cruz
  • Felicity Huffman
  • Rod McLachlan
  • Todd Weeks

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