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Oleanna by David Mamet


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Performance Length

75 mns - no intermission

Be Aware

Recommended for ages 16+

Mamet explores power dynamics between teacher and student; profanity, mature themes.

Children 6 and under who may cry or fidget are never admitted.

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and Doug  Hughes canny helming fully animate David Mamet’s galvanic play. Stiles is  superb…Pullman’s horrified stagger is one of the spellbinding emotional  exhibitions of this theatrical year.”

- Bob Verini, Variety

Bill Pullman  and Julia Stiles are riveting together under Doug Hughes’ taut direction.  Mamet’s…dialogue flies between the two characters like a shattered pane of  glass, each fragment finding its mark and leaving a speck of blood.”

- Jay Reiner, The Hollywood Reporter

“…you can’t argue with a play that retains the power to  get theatergoers arguing with each other as they head home.”

- Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

Bill  Pullman and Julia Stiles star in Oleanna

The Pulitzer and Tony Award®-winning writer of Glengarry Glen Ross and Speed-the-Plow returns to Center Theatre Group with a new production of his gripping drama of a power struggle between a male university professor and one of his female students.

Doug Hughes (Tony Award®, Doubt) directs, featuring film and stage stars Bill Pullman (Independence Day, While You Were Sleeping, Broadway’s The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?) and Julia Stiles (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum), who reprises her role, after performing to rave reviews on London’s West End.

Bill Pullman | Oleanna | Mark Taper Forum
Julia Stiles | Oleanna | Mark Taper Forum
Bill Pullman
Julia Stiles


Bill  Pullman, Julia Stiles discuss Oleanna

When  Doug Hughes, the director of the revival of David Mamet's "Oleanna,"  heard that his two stars, Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles, were sitting down with  a writer for the Los Angeles Times, he freaked out. "He said, 'Ohmigod!   
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More About the Show

Julia Stiles’ blog: The Morning After

Julia Stiles’ blog, in which she discusses beginning rehearsals of Oleanna

Oleanna | Mark Taper Forum
Watch reaction to the opening night of Oleanna from actors and audience-members Chris Noth, Rose McGowan, Robert Loggia, and Jai Rodriguez, as well as interviews with Julia Stiles and Bill Pullman about the challenges in bringing this intense Mamet drama to the stage.
Oleanna | Mark Taper Forum
Click here to see director Doug Hughes (Doubt) discuss the impact of David Mamet’s Oleanna, an intensely dramatic  work on sexual harassment issues in academia. In this exclusive interview,  Hughes tackles the major themes of the play and the relevance to today’s  audience now witnessing the battle-of-the-sexes at the Mark Taper Forum.
Oleanna | Mark Taper Forum
Watch scenes from Oleanna
Watch more scenes from Oleanna







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