We do not have a resident or repertory company of actors and are always looking for new talent for our stages. We cast for the Ahmanson Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, and Kirk Douglas Theatre, in addition to various readings, workshops, and special events. Most of our work is based in Los Angeles, but occasionally we have projects that are based in New York or elsewhere.

Are you currently performing in a show? We always look forward to seeing new talent. Please send invitations to

Audition Information

Actors' Equity Association (AEA) Required Auditions

Details for all AEA calls are given to Equity at least two weeks prior to the auditions.

Equity Monthly Local Open Calls

Our next series of General Auditions will be on the following Mondays:

  • May 7, 2018
  • June 4, 2018

We hold Equity general auditions at The Music Center Annex (our administrative offices). Doors open at 10am, and we see the first 25 people who sign up. Sign-up is first come, first served; no reservations will be taken. Sign-up ends at 10:30am.

You must be a member of AEA or EMC in good standing. Non-union actors may also audition, after AEA/EMC members have been seen.

You should prepare one monologue or two contrasting monologues no longer than two minutes total. We prefer contemporary monologues (non-Shakespeare; not from a movie/TV show; no self-written pieces) from published plays performed without accent. Also, please bring one stapled picture and resume.

Please note that if you have auditioned within the last six months we do not need to see you again and would appreciate your abstaining from attending so that we may get to know new people. Check this page or the AEA site before coming to make sure the auditions have not been canceled or rescheduled.

Equity Principal Auditions/Equity Chorus Calls (EPA/ECC)

We are pleased to announce that our EPA (Equity Principal Audition) for the Mark Taper Forum and Kirk Douglas Theatre 2018/19 seasons will take place on Wednesday, May 2 from 10am – 6pm.

All details can be found on the Equity website and digital casting services such as Backstage, Playbill, etc.

AEA members can sign up in advance online. We are also able to meet Non-Union (NU) actors on this day, providing all AEA members are seen first. NU actors are advised to sign up in person as early as possible on the day, with the understanding that they may not be seen until later during the session.

We look forward to welcoming both new and established artists through our doors for this exciting day!

Please note: If you are unable to attend, you are still welcome to send your resume and headshot to Although we cannot acknowledge all emails, please be assured that they are sent directly to our casting department who will keep all details on file for future reference.

Open Calls (Non-Required)

On occasion—for select projects—we hold open calls for actors, musicians, and other artists. Please check back periodically for notices.

Casting FAQ

Casting FAQ

Find answers to your questions and more information about our casting process.