Scenes from the Vault for Students and Educators

We’re curating a collection of scenes from some of our most beloved productions across the Ahmanson, Taper, and Douglas that we think students and educators of all ages will enjoy watching, thinking, and talking about. Here are some prompts and questions to use these videos as tools for learning and exploration.

As you’re watching, notice any emotions that come up. How does this scene make you feel?

Keep an eye out for the following elements and consider the adjectives you might use to describe each one:

  • Acting style (realistic, subtle, over-the-top, exaggerated, robotic, presentational)
  • Lighting (warm or cool, bright, dim, colorful, washed out, sunny, gloomy)
  • Set design (realistic, minimalist, cartoonish, detailed, colorful, simple, complex, technological)
  • Costumes (realistic, fanciful, bright, subdued, practical, close-fitting, boxy, fashionable)
  • Sound and music (fast-paced, sad, loud or soft, continuous or moments of silence, modern or dated)

In what ways do the design elements help to tell the story?

Based on this scene, what do you think this play is about?

What can you identify with? What speaks to you?

What do you wonder and want to know more about?

Let us know how you’re using this resource! Tag @CTGLA on social media and use the hashtag #ArtGoesOn.

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