Digital Stage (short-form, free)

When returning to his hometown, Paco is asked by a stranger where he comes from. In a fraction of a second, Paco frantically searches through his life for an answer, finding the most unexpected connections between himself and his home— La Puente.

About the Artists

Abel Marquez (Community Partner, Co-Writer, and Director; He/Him/His) is a Mexican-American California based director, dramaturg, writer, and arts administrator. He has worked on many shows and events in the past, most recently as an Associate Director and contributing writer for Living Six Feet Apart, a Dramaturg for Policarpa, and as an arts administrator at the University Resident Theatre Association. Abel was the SDC Directing Fellow Recipient for Region 8 in 2018, where he attended the National Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and was a National Finalist for the SDC Directing Fellowship. Abel received a scholarship as an ASTEP Artist as Citizen Conference Fellow at the Juilliard School of the Arts as well as being invited again to the Kennedy Center for their annual Directing Intensive that same year. In 2019, Abel was an Intern and Program Assistant for KCACTF National Festival at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., where he worked the 50th Anniversary of KCACTF National Festival, the 2019 “Arts Summit”, and the 2019 Directing/Playwriting Intensives. In early 2020, Abel served as a Grant Selection Panelist for the California Arts Council and as a Student Liaison and Coordinator for KCACTF Region 8. Abel has received multiple awards, including the Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship from Citrus College, a Graduating Titan’s Leaving their Legacy Award from CSUF, and an Appreciation Award for his services to the Kennedy Center. Abel served as Student Liaison for The Department of Theatre and Dance at CSUF and is a founding member of the KCACTF Latinx Student Council. Abel is currently working as a Department Assistant and Guest Artist at California State University-Fullerton, and is the Artist Engagement Remote Project Manager for University Resident Theatre Association in New York. Abel is also the Director of Student Advocacy and Connection for Region 8 where he is developing and coordinating the Student Advisory Board program to help connect students with the region’s festival programming. Abel is thrilled to be working with Center Theatre Group, and thanks all his family, friends, and colleagues for their love and support.

Miguel “Mike” Angel Tapia II (Co-Writer and Sound Designer; He/Him/His) is a Latinè, Queer, Fat, California based Director, Writer, Actor, and Graphic Designer. He has started his own web-series, East Cove, a horror-anthology series focusing on body-positive, queer, BIPOC stories taking place in a fictional Southern California town. Mike has starred in several college stage productions, playing the part of Earl in The Book of Days and the lead character John Dodge in Middletown. He is currently in the editing stages of his latest project, Sheep’s Clothing, and in Pre-Production for the next East Cove venture, Our Lady. You can check out Mike’s work on IG: @eastcoveofficial

Fernando Pacheco (Sound Designer; He/Him/His) is a Mexican-American Sound Designer and Video editor based in Southern California. Fernando has over nine years of audio and technical experience, working both in theatre, live performance, and film. Fernando has received many awards for his work, including the M.A.C.Y. Award for Highest Achievement in Technical Theatre, and the 2020 National Special Achievement in Sound Design, Projection Design, and Digital Editing from The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He is a recent graduate from California State University, Fullerton and continues his work as a freelance Sound Designer and technician. Fernando is excited to be a part of this community project and would like to thank his family and friends for their everlasting support.

Nathan Cabrera (Paco) is a Mexican-American actor who has performed in theatre throughout California. His notable production credits include In the Heights (Palace of Fine Arts Center), Twelfth Night, A Galactic Farce (The Little Theatre), Contrapasso (The Complex), and The Epiphany (invited Norway production). Nathan was also a finalist in the Kennedy Center Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship in 2018, and has trained in many skills, including as a singer/freestyle rapper, athlete (Track, Cyclist, Swimmer), and guitarist. Nathan Cabrera will be working with the Center Theatre Group for the first time and is excited, as well as grateful for this opportunity. He would like to thank his parents for the countless sacrifices they have made for his sake and thank his friends and family that have supported him in countless ways.

Jocelyn Tamayo (Actress and Graphic Designer) is a Latinx, LGBTQ+, CSU theatre actress, costume designer, arts administrator, and social media manager. Jocelyn Tamayo is alumni from East Los Angeles College, and is currently pursuing higher education in Costume Design and Theatre Management at Cal State LA. Some of her credits include Gloria (Ani), Los Faustinos (St. Michael), and Mestic A (Ensemble). Jocelyn has received awards for her work, including the Costume Design Award from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. She is currently a member of the Student Advisory Board as the region’s social media manager, and is a member of the Kennedy Center National Student Leadership Council. Given the changing times, she is doing what she can to make the best out of every situation and believes it is great to join like-minded artists during a pandemic. To keep up with Jocelyn’s new endeavors follow her IG @_Jlynn21