Sherwood Award Frequently Asked Questions

Expandable element What is Center Theatre Group looking for?
  • An individual artist (no groups or teams)
  • A resident of Los Angeles for at least two years
  • An artist who has developed/collaborated on at least two fully-produced projects in Los Angeles
  • Emerging in their field and/or at a catalytic moment in their career (which does not reflect the age of the artists, but where they are in the trajectory of their careers)

Competitive candidates will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Innovative—Introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking
  • Pushing boundaries—Extending frontiers, experimenting, challenging the theatrical norm, finding new forms of artistic expression
  • Exceptional talent—The ability to capture the attention of the audience through pure skill and craft, a natural ability or aptitude in the selected field, translating passion and dedication into works of art, etc.
  • Effective communication—Theatre artists who can passionately and effectively communicate their point of view and distinct artistic voice
Expandable element What exactly is an “emerging” artist?

There is no single determining factor used when deciding who is "emerging." The term is used to define the trajectory of your career as an artist, not your age or even how long you have been working in theatre. Artists of all ages and experiences can be considered emerging if they are just now in the process of gaining recognition in the field, even if they have had some early success. If you consider yourself to be at a catalytic moment in your career, we encourage you to apply.

Expandable element What is the "artistic taste" of the Sherwood panel?

The Sherwood Panel is made up of Center Theatre Group's Artistic Staff and key members of the Education and Community Partnerships and Institutional Advancement teams. Each person has a different opinion, but we all share the core mission of the Sherwood Award, which is to support an innovative and adventurous artist. Artists are not limited by title, role, or genre, but they must have a relationship to contemporary performance rooted in theatre. We are looking for an authentic voice—someone who is able to articulate their vision and their passion. Don't worry about fitting our taste—be true to yourself and your vision.

Expandable element "Develop a relationship with Center Theatre Group?" Does that mean you're going to hire me?

There is no guarantee of employment, commission, or any future partnership with Center Theatre Group for the Sherwood Award recipient. The relationship we are looking to establish is individually defined, but the Sherwood Award recipient will be expected to participate in various events as a Center Theatre Group representative. Many of our Sherwood Award recipients have gone on to work with Center Theatre Group in various capacities, but there is no promise of employment within the parameters of the Sherwood Award.

Expandable element If I live in Los Angeles County, but not Los Angeles, can I still apply?

Yes. Residents of Los Angeles County will be considered as long as they have produced a work in Los Angeles proper and/or directly surrounding areas (Santa Monica, Hollywood, West Hollywood, etc). We are looking for an artist who has lived and worked in Los Angeles for at least two years.

Expandable element What if I live in Los Angeles, but haven't been produced in Los Angeles yet?

We are looking for someone who has had at least two works produced in the Los Angeles area (or has designed or directed two works in the Los Angeles area). If you have not yet been produced in the Los Angeles area, we encourage you to wait to apply until after that happens.

Expandable element If I’m going to be out of the state/country for all/most of the application process, can I still apply?

Yes. Given the unique circumstances that we are under with COVID-19 we may be holding virtual interviews for the semifinal round; however, we may also host in-person interviews if the shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted at that time (using proper safety protocols). If that is the case, as with any competitive opportunity/process, in-person interviews allow for a deeper understanding of your work, but we would be open to discussing case-by-case given the situation.

Expandable element Do I have to choose one title to apply as? I do everything!

We understand that artists often wear many hats, but we encourage you to narrow down your title to the one or two that you are most passionate about, and that best reflect the rest of your application materials.

Expandable element What about my resume? Should I only include experience that reflects the title I’m applying as?

Your resume is the place to showcase everything you've done and every title you've held—this is the place to tell us your whole story.

Expandable element What if I still have questions?

Please email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.