Electrics Apprenticeship: Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Please review the application instructions via ww.ctgla.org/Apprenticeships. Answer the questions below, and submit along with the PDF Application and a resume to the address provided via the link above.

Questions for Technical Apprentice

Please keep responses to no more than 750 words, total (not per question). Please submit your responses as a Word or PDF document (no other file formats will be accepted). Review the information about Specializations below before starting to write your response. Applicants are encouraged to submit materials early, but all applications are due by 5:00pm (PST) on December 2, 2019.

  1. What do you hope to learn or gain from the Electrics Apprenticeship, and how might it impact your career goals? Please be sure to tell us what those career goals are. It’s okay if you are still undecided, but we do need to understand how the program will benefit you.
  2. Briefly address any previous theatre and/or technical theatre experience. If you do not have experience in either, please tell us why you are curious about applying your skills to working in live theatre.
  3. Please describe your availability during the period from December 30, 2019– January 29, 2020. Address the specific time commitments outlined in the specialization description below. Standing commitments such as a Monday evening class, work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, etc. may be accommodated but must be disclosed in this application.
  4. Please tell us why you believe you fit the Diversity Requirement:

    Center Theatre Group’s Apprenticeships are intended specifically for people who self-identify as a member of a group currently underrepresented in theatre production and artistic careers. Examples include but are not limited to: people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, women pursuing careers in production or other traditionally male-dominated areas, first-generation college students, people from low-income backgrounds, and military veterans. We seek to provide diverse emerging professionals with hands-on experience in an effort to promote diversity in the arts. Note that all applicants must answer the Diversity Requirement question to receive consideration. While whether or not a prospective applicant fits that description is a question that can best be answered by the applicant, if you have questions about eligibility, please contact Program Director Camille Schenkkan at Apprenticeships@CTGLA.org or 213.972.8031.

Requirements & Schedule

Applicants should have strong availability between December 30, 2019 – January 29, 2020. Review exact timeline below. Note that all Apprentices will need to be able to lift 25 pounds. If you are an applicant with a disability and would like more information on accessibility, please contact the Program Director at 213.972.8031 or Apprenticeships@ctgla.org.

Electrics Specialization & Schedule: This is a 65-hour Apprenticeship with a stipend of $850. This Apprenticeship builds skills in the installation, programming, and running of lighting and projection equipment in a professional theatrical production. They will primarily shadow the Master Electrician and the Electrics staff at the Kirk Douglas Theatre through load in and technical rehearsals, with the experience culminating in the opening of the production. Applicants should be comfortable working at heights and on a ladder as they will assist with hanging, cabling, and focusing lighting equipment and projectors. Through technical rehearsals, they will be able to listen to the communication process between lighting designer and light board operator, and simultaneously observe programming a lighting console. They will also participate in additional professional development training, tailored to their individual needs and career goals. If you have an interest in gaining hands-on technical experience, learning how theatrical productions work “behind the scenes,” or understanding how an artistic vision is realized, this would be a great opportunity for you.

Location will be at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. Ideally, the Apprentice would be available for the following schedule, with up to 8-hour calls:

  • Load-In Week: December 30th – January 19th (days and hours will vary)
  • Tech: January 21st – January 23rd (mandatory days with some flexibility on hours)
  • First Preview: January 24th (mandatory day)
  • Previews: January 25th – January 28th (shorter hours this week)
  • Opening night: January 29th (Apprentice will receive an opening night ticket)