Center Theatre Group's Student Ambassador Program is the ultimate experience for L.A. County High School Students who love the arts: an entirely free seven-month program designed to transform passionate students into arts leaders, team players, advocates, and engagement experts.

Meet our 2017/18 Student Ambassadors

Our 2017/18 Student Ambassadors are serving on two teams. The "Arts Advocacy: Making an Impact" team is working with arts advocacy experts to design theatre-related advocacy workshops for a theatre Youth Summit for teens, while our "Marketing & Social Media: Peer Engagement" team is working with experts to design digital communication resources and outreach strategies for the Youth Summit. Meet these students and learn what inspired them to participate in the program.

Bethlehem Seifu

I am history in the making.

Daniel Najera

I’d like to gain more knowledge on how to advocate for theatre and art.

Gisselle "G" De Paz

I want to strengthen and build my leadership skills.

Hailey Quintero

I am hardworking and motivated.

Hortencia "Ellie" Perez-Sanchez

I love art, and I want to learn more about it.

Julia "Juju" Nieto

I can't wait to learn about the marketing and social media aspect of theatre!

Lauren Mukherjee

I want to contribute to the Los Angeles theatre community and gain important leadership skills.

Pattaranan "James" Pookoom

I want to gain experience in working with a bigger group and also to improve my leadership skills.

Pedro Barreras

I want to strengthen my leadership skills so I can be a positive role model for younger people.

Sherryn Jose

I'm hoping to learn how to make a difference.

Sophia Reyes

I applied to the Center Threate Group's Ambassador program to learn more about the performing arts, and I hope to strengthen my communication and leadership skills through the course of the program.

Sofia Ramirez

I hope to understand the business behind theatre and become a stronger leader for myself, and as an actress.

Yaya Gomez

I hope to learn how to use my voice for the greater good.

Vic Brown

I hope the skills I learn here will teach me how to be a better advocate for students everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you apply, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions. For additional questions, please email us or call 213.972.7587....