Job Application Tips

If you’re interested in careers in the arts, this video series is for you. Get in-depth information about how to apply for jobs and internships—including the Center Theatre Group Internship Program—from Next Generation Initiatives Director Camille Schenkkan.

  1. Introduction/Before You Apply

    This video provides an overview of job and internship applications in the arts and beyond, including the three questions to ask yourself before applying.

  2. Resumes

    What goes on a resume, and in what order? Learn how to create a powerful, professional resume to apply for jobs and internships, especially at arts organizations.

  3. Cover Letters

    Your cover letter is the place to tell your story and answer the question, Why am I the best one for the job? Get practical tips on how to craft a stellar cover letter, including the biggest mistake applicants make.

  4. Interviews

    You scored an interview at a theatre company or other arts organization…now what? Learn how to prepare for tough questions, calculate your salary requirement, and best practices for following up afterward.

Feeling ready to apply? Great! Check out the Center Theatre Group Internship Program, and browse the company's employment page.