Classroom Materials

Our Working in Theatre series and career content are designed to be accessed both in and out of the classroom to expand students' knowledge of the range and depth of careers in the arts.

Working in Theatre Video Companion Sheets

Designed to accompany our Working in Theatre video series, which features professionals talking about their jobs and career paths, these classroom tools can be printed or used as fillable PDFs. They test for listening and understanding, and then ask students to reflect on aspects of the career profiled, relating them to their own aspirations and personality. Including time spent watching the video, each lesson takes 15–20 minutes, but can be expanded to fill a 45-minute class period with suggested further activities and a classroom discussion. These are wonderful options to leave for a substitute or use as a weekly activity.

Companion sheets are available for download below and at the bottom of each Working in Theatre page.

Additional Classroom Ideas

  • Students can take our What's Your Career Path? Quiz and research the career path/type listed under their outcome (Independent Artist, Hybrid, or Manager). The class can learn about the difference between salary and hourly positions, discuss their career aspirations and the kind of lifestyle they want, and present information about the career they researched.
  • Our Job Application Video Series can be helpful for high school seniors or college students as they look ahead to joining the workforce. Students can watch a segment and create their own resume and cover letter, or research jobs and internships that interest them.

Are you using this content in a different way? Would you like to request specific videos or other resources? We would love to hear from you! Contact the Program Director at or 213.972.8031.