Before you apply, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, please contact us by email.

Expandable element Is the program open to students without acting experience? What about students who are not African-American? Or students who don't go to public school?

No acting experience is required, and in fact we encourage students with all levels of experience to participate. We also welcome students of all ethnicities and backgrounds. The program is open to public, private, charter, and home schooled students from Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

Expandable element Can participants, regional semi-finalists, and regional finalists participate for a second or third year?

Yes. You may participate again as long as you did not advance to the National Finals in New York.

Expandable element Can I still apply if I am not available on one of the program dates, including training and rehearsal sessions?

Please do not apply if you are not available on all of the program dates. Semi-Finalists and Regional Finalists are required to participate in all training and rehearsal sessions.

Expandable element Is there a fee to participate?

No. The August Wilson Monologue Competition is entirely free to all participating students from start to finish. Our top two Regional Finalists receive an all-expenses-paid, chaperoned trip to New York City for the National Finals.

Expandable element What is a monologue, and how do I pick one to perform?

A monologue is a speech presented by a single character set within the context of a play.

August Wilson Monologue Competition participants are required to select a monologue from the current National August Wilson Monologue Competition compendium. Original monologues or monologues by other playwrights may not be performed. We encourage you to choose a couple of monologues that pique your interest and invest in reading the full plays so that you have a richer understanding of the characters and the story. It is important for an actor to play to his or her strengths, so explore and find a monologue that really speaks to you, connects to your heart, and to your own experiences and/or imagination in some way. Then decide which one is right for you, and have fun creating and portraying the character’s story.

Monologues cannot be edited and must be performed as written in the compendium. If you are uncomfortable with the language and subject matter, please select a different monologue.

Expandable element How long should my performance be?

Your monologue performance must be between one and three minutes.

Expandable element Do I need to memorize my monologue?

Yes. You must commit your monologue to memory. But trust us: fully memorizing your monologue will give you confidence.

Expandable element What should I wear and bring? Are props and/or costumes allowed?

Dress comfortably but neatly so as not to distract the judges. Props and/or costumes are not allowed. There will be one chair that you can sit on while performing if you'd like, but it should not be used as a prop.

Expandable element Who judges the auditions and will I receive feedback?

Panels of theatre professionals judge all rounds of auditions. Written feedback will be provided to all participants in the Preliminaries and Semi-Finals approximately 2-3 weeks following auditions.