Other Resources We Recommend

If you're ready to get to work, check out these resources to start applying for theatre jobs and internships.

How to Apply for Jobs & Internships in the Arts
If you're interested in careers in the arts, this video series is for you. Get in-depth information about how to apply for jobs and internships—including the Center Theatre Group Internship Program.
Berkeley Rep School of Theatre's How to Get a Job
Check out excellent tips for creating strong application materials and nailing your job interview.
Center Theatre Group Internship Application Tips
Get tips directly from Next Generation Initiatives Program Manager Camille Schenkkan.
Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program
We regularly participate in this paid summer internship program for undergraduates.
Berkeley Rep School of Theatre's Resources List
Our friends at Berkeley Rep have compiled an excellent list of career search sites and regional theatres’ job and internship pages.