College Educator Resources

College Educator Resources

Center Theatre Group is a place where artists, audiences, community members, and students and educators connect through the power of storytelling. Our programs support artists at all points in their careers, engage audiences before and after the show, encourage our community to make theatre a part of their everyday lives, and inspire the next generation of theatregoers, artists, and artisans. We’ve compiled the following resources, curricula, and opportunities to support you and your students. If you have any questions, please reach out any time at

Programs/Resources for your College Students:

Going Pro Career Fair (Free, College Students, Educators, & Emerging Arts Professionals)

A full day of free career preparation, mentorship, and networking, designed to prepare students to step directly from higher education into a rewarding career in live theatre and entertainment. Recorded sessions and workshops are available for playback below.

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Working in Theatre Portal (Free, Students/Emerging Professionals)

Actor, director, playwright, costume designer...there are a handful of jobs in theatre that everyone knows about, but there are also many other careers in the field that young people especially aren’t aware of. How can they even start to figure out a path if they don’t know what’s out there? Enter our Working in Theatre portal, which features videos of theatre professionals explaining what they do and how they got their start, a quick quiz designed to help young people identify their strengths and priorities and the type of job they want to pursue, and more resources to help anyone aspiring.

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Curriculum and Resources for College Educators:

Working in Theatre Classroom Materials

Our Working in Theatre videos make excellent remote learning tools for educators. We offer accompanying worksheets and other materials designed for educators and students to dive deeper into these careers. Including time spent watching the video, each downloadable companion sheet lesson takes 15-20 minutes, but can be expanded to fill a 45-minute class period. These are wonderful options to leave for a substitute or use as a weekly activity.

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Virtual Modules (Free, Students, Emerging Artists, & Educators)

Since the shift to digital programming due to COVID-19, we have hosted many meaningful conversations between working creative professionals in the interest of providing guidance to the next generation of theatre artists. The Virtual Learning Modules aggregate selections of these conversations into learning modules that address aspects of navigating a life in the arts that may not otherwise be introduced in an undergraduate training program. Virtual modules range in length, however are broken up into sections that can be used as supplemental videos to further students’ understanding of important topics such as taxes, organizational finance, and personal finance. These videos range from 30-90 minutes, with each section within the virtual module having a video-specific resource section to help support your students both inside and outside of the classroom.

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More Educator Resources

We produce and publish Educator Resources and Discovery Guides for many of the shows that appear on our stages. Visit show pages if you are looking for resources related to a specific past or upcoming production. Or browse by show title.

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East Los Angeles College’s Mentor Month Interviews

In partnership with Center Theatre Group, East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Theatre department curated and hosted discussions with various guests from the professional world of Theater and Entertainment. These videos, each about one hour long, offer an inside look into a few of the different professions involved in theatre and entertainment. These videos can be used as supplements to help better understand different career paths in this field.

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Working in Theatre Summer and Fall Series (Free, College Students/Open to All)

The Working in Theatre Summer and Fall Series is comprised of 20 recorded conversations focusing on developing the skills necessary to build a career in theatre. The conversations are available for playback at the link below. These videos, each about 90 minutes long, provide a great foundation surrounding the necessary skills to not only work in theatre, but also to take charge of your career in this field. These videos can be watched to help supplement class teachings or can be used to create group/class discussions over material learned and potential questions that arise.

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"For Educators" Webpage

A hub for educators to find resources on seeing theatre, learning about theatre, teaching theatre, supporting student artists and providing teaching artist resources.

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Streaming Opportunities for College Educators & Students:

Access to Archival Performances (Free, All Educators)

While our stages are dark, Center Theatre Group is offering educators free access to select archival performances. Performances have been pre-selected and will be available until December 31, 2021. If interested, fill out the interest form below.

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Long Form Community Stories

The Library Play Readings go digital! Local theatre arts partners take a play and create a digital version for all to enjoy. In these digital plays (with forms including videos and podcasts and times ranging from around 10 to 30 minutes each), educators can expose their students to plays in a non-traditional and accessible, virtual form, which are also condensed into shorter time frames, making this a nice addition to utilize during extra class time or to be assigned to view outside of class.

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Short Form Community Stories

A wide range of short stories written by local playwrights interpreted into multimedia short-form videos. Most coming in at under 10 minutes, these short stories can easily be added to the start or end of a class discussion to show the diversity of storytelling mediums or to dive deeper into the subjects each story discusses.

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In This Moment Community Stories

Documenting the times, community members share their stories. In these short videos, only a few minutes long, educators and students can see a glimpse into other people’s lives expressed in a way unique to the video subject. These short videos are a great resource for thinking about other people’s stories, along with encouraging students to think about how they might document and articulate their own stories, in this moment.

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Digital Stage (Free, Open to All)

A curated collection of FREE content on the Digital Stage, including staged readings, radio plays, audio-based experiences, film screenings, live-captured productions, and more.

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Scenes from the Vault for Students and Educators (Free, Students/Educators/Open to All)

We’re curating a collection of scenes from some of our most beloved productions across the Ahmanson, Taper, and Douglas which we think students and educators of all ages will enjoy watching, contemplating, and dicsussing. There are prompts and questions to assist in using these videos as tools for learning and exploration. These discussion points encourage students to think outside of the box in noticing design choices, storytelling tools, and other elements of theatre they may not have thought about prior. This series is a great resource to help lead breakout discussion groups after viewing these short clips.

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