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“Wickedly dark… hilarious, quirky and  heartfelt.”


ACADEMY AWARD-WINNER OLYMPIA DUKAKIS (Moonstruck) is Grace, a woman of few words and  the aunt of Kemp, who—after 30 years— has traveled cross-country to be with her  on her deathbed.

Kemp’s problem is: she’s not dying fast enough.

Gallows humor and Kemp’s quirky points of view on humanity and mortality fuel the delightfully dark narrative of Vigil.

“Let’s not talk about anything depressing, alright? Do you want to be  cremated?” - Kemp in Vigil

View a great video  introduction to the work of Morris Panych.

Interviews with the creative team of Vigil.

Vigil     Stars Marco Barricelli and Olympia Dukakis along with  writer/director Morris Panych and set designer Ken MacDonald on their creative process.

Opening Night from Vigil

Vigil     Excited audience members talk about Vigil.

Scenes from Vigil


Marco Barricelli and Olumpia Dukakis in a few scenes from Vigil.


A Conversation:
Olympia Dukakis and Charlayne Woodard

Olympia Dukakis and Charlayne Woodard  

Feature Article by Karen Wada, Special to the Los Angeles Times.

The actresses are in plays in which one scarcely speaks (Dukakis in 'Vigil') and the other (Woodard in 'The Night Watcher') never stops.  More online.


  • Written and Directed by
    Morris Panych
  • Marco Barricelli
  • Olympia Dukakis
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10/25/2011 Vigil Program doc
10/5/2011 'Vigil' Closes CTG/Mark Taper Forum 2011 Season doc