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Señor Árbol

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Mar 14–16, 2017 at 6–7pm

#CTGcommunity #LAMadeLAPL
Venues Around L.A.

Señor Árbol

Come and enjoy free theatre at your neighborhood library

Señor Árbol (Mr. Tree) is 1,099 years old. He has been sleeping for a long time and awakens to discover that all his relatives, the other trees, and forest creatures have vanished. Led by Mother Nature, Mr. Tree goes on a journey across oceans and continents to find out what’s happened. Along the way, he discovers different cultures, ethnicities, and ways of life—as well as lessons about global warming, deforestation, and littering that he shares. Presented in Spanish.

Presented by Teatro ARTA.

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Mar 14:
Benjamin Franklin Library | 2200 E First St, L.A., CA 90033
Mar 15:
Malabar Library | 2801 Wabash Ave, L.A., CA 90033
Mar 16:
Robert Louis Stevenson Library | 803 Spence St, L.A., CA 90023

Map & Directions

Special Thanks

The James Irvine Foundation

L.A. Made at the Los Angeles Public Library