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Community Stories

Together, We Move!

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Together, We Move! is an intergenerational art-making project that can be experienced many times, with various creative outcomes!

At a time when many members of our families and communities are experiencing hardships and anxieties with our continued “Stay At Home” orders, we want to encourage families to channel their creativity, to move their physical bodies to process negative thoughts and emotions and express joy, even in hard times.

About the Artists

Marissa Herrera is a proud third-generation Chicana born and raised in Azusa, CA. Marissa as a creative visionary, director, producer, choreographer, filmmaker, and arts educator. Growing up, as reflected in her feature interview on the PBS documentary, Art & the Mind: “I was born to dance…my calling is to create.” As a creative visionary, director, producer, choreographer, filmmaker, and arts educator, Marissa strives to use her creative work to empower individuals into sharing their own stories and foster the next generation of creative visionaries connected by creativity, love and inclusion. Marissa is also the CEO/Founder of De Mi Alma Productions creating original work for stage, TV and film, and Co-Founder/Executive Director of 4C LAB (501c3), “Creating a safe space for young creative visionaries to share their stories through artistic expression and to inspire positive social impact in our communities. Marissa enjoys the L.A. sunshine, dancing to old school hip-hop and New Jack Swing with her dog Brooklyn, and making “good trouble.”

Karina Mata, a proud native of South LA, is an art educator, photographer, and storyteller. Photography and storytelling run through her veins because of her Abuelito Chayo, the town photographer and hacelotodo. Among her passions are singing Los Pollitos Dicen Pio, Pio through FaceTime to her niece Isabella, shooting rolls of 35mm film, and introducing photography to youth and showing them how it can be used for visual communication, building critical thinking skills, and freezing time.

Sadie Yarrington is an LA based performer, choreographer, director and educator. Her work has been presented at REDCAT, Bootleg Theater, Moss Theater, The Music Center and The American Theatre of Actors (NYC). Sadie can be found dabbling in dance, theater, print ads and on the screen as she loves to explore the many ways the body can communicate. As a committed Teaching Artist, she is currently the Chair of K-12 Dance at New Roads School and teaches movement workshops across LA that honor the physical and neurological diversity of each person. Passionate about all performing art forms, Sadie has produced and directed many musical theater shows and is currently mounting her second virtual production with students. Originally from the midwest, she received a BFA in Dance and BS is Anthropology from the University of Michigan. Sadie loves spiders, watermelon and deep belly laughs.

Rose Herrera (Rosie AKA Marissa’s Mom) recently retired after serving as an elementary school educator in the Azusa Unified School District for 43 years. She also worked for the City of Azusa Parks & Rec Dept. for 24 years. Teaching her students that fitness and movement can be fun was her passion. In addition, Ms. Herrera directed and choreographed the yearly school musical for many years.

Kaydence Saldana age 7, enjoys dancing, singing, drawing, fashion and spending time with her family.

Fausta Mata (AKA Karina’s Mama) is a grandma of three and mother of three. The recently retired native of Durango, Mexico, enjoys walking her dogs around her neighborhood, trying new recipes, and telling stories of her youth in Ignacio Lopez Rayon.

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