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John Lithgow in "Stories by Heart."

Photo by Craig Schwartz.

John Lithgow’s

Stories by Heart

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Jan 5 – Feb 13, 2011

Mark Taper Forum

EXCELLENT COMPANY…. John Lithgow sure has a marvelous way of transforming himself into characters of every shape and size. A cast of one becomes a multitudinous ensemble.

Armed with only an armchair and some yellowed pages, Tony Award® winner John Lithgow tells you not the story of his life, but the STORIES of his life.

Indelible stories spun by the likes of P.G. Wodehouse and Ring Lardner. Stories lovingly—and expertly—dramatized by his parents and grandmother, handed down from generation to generation.

In Lithgow’s adroit hands, each story is its own theatrical masterpiece brimming with peculiar characters, humor, plot twists, and—most of all—Lithgow’s inimitable charm, stagecraft, and genuine affection for the tales and the storytellers who introduced them to him some 60 years ago.

I just charge three dollars because personally I don't mind much shavin' a dead person. They lay a whole lot stiller than live customers.

—The Barber in Haircut by Ring Lardner, part of Stories By Heart

A FULFILLING EVENING OF THEATER…. Lithgow capitalizes on his wit, warmth and acting prowess.

THEATER IN ITS PUREST FORM…. more thrills and satisfactions than anything Broadway's blockbuster makers could ever devise.

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Performance Length

The performance length is approx. two hours and 20 minutes, with one intermission.

Be Aware

Recommended for ages 10+. (Parental discretion advised)

Children 6 and under who may cry or fidget are never admitted.

Center Theatre Group Show Guide for Parents