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A Message from Michael Ritchie

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Thanks, for visiting our website. Since I became Center Theatre Group's Artistic Director, I have been looking for ways to connect with you and for you to be able to do the same with me.

I believe Center Theatre Group's theatres are yours as much as they are ours. There is no theatre company in the nation that is supported by such a broad base of committed patrons. We live in the most diverse city in America, surrounded by people passionate about self-expression. The theatre produced on our stages can and should be among the most engaging and compelling anywhere in the world. And I want us to share that experience with each other.

My goal as Artistic Director is to focus on theatre as a medium and its ability to connect artists and audiences in a singularly powerful experience. I want you to come to the theatre and see a production that makes you think and feel, discuss and dream, or even laugh or cry.

I hope that you will share your thoughts and impressions with me. Please feel free to e-mail me directly at or call and leave a message at (213) 972-4350.

I look forward to seeing you in the audience at one of our upcoming performances.

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Michael Ritchie