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Young Producers Circle Attends (and Interacts with) ‘Disgraced’


Moneer Yaqubi, J Anthony Crane, Emily Swallow, and Hari Dhillon with members of the Young Producers Circle at the "Disgraced" post-show event.

Photo by Scott Stanley.

Watching theatre is one thing. Taking a performance to the next level and truly interacting with it is another. Anyone attending the Young Producers Circle Disgraced event on June 24, 2016 definitely partook in the latter.

Disgraced demands that the audience engage in much-needed dialogue about difficult subject matter—identity and religion in America today. The Young Producers Circle post-show event provided exactly that opportunity—plus happy hour drinks and tacos at Pez Cantina.

On the restaurant’s lively but intimate patio amid the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles, current Young Producers Circle members, first-time guests, and several members of the Disgraced cast came together to mingle over drinks and delve into meaningful discussions.

Disgraced plays with idea of what it means to grow up in America when America views you as an enemy,” said Young Producers Circle member John Houser. “It’s a dissonant way of growing up that any American can either relate to personally or through a friend, coworker, or acquaintance.”

While each person offered their own unique and sometimes opposing observations and opinions on the play, the festive and laid-back atmosphere of the gathering made for an ideal setting to openly talk about these hot-button issues.

Perhaps the greatest part of the night was that many people at the event either brought someone new or were new themselves.

“Nowhere have I felt more at home or a part of the in-crowd than at Center Theatre Group’s Young Producers Circle event for Disgraced,” said first-time attendee and Center Theatre Group intern Michael Stancliff. “Everyone is so welcoming and passionate; you can’t help but feel like part of a community right away.”

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