Information regarding our Health & Safety protocols.

UPDATED May 23, 2023

Please note that we will begin a rollout of additional screening measures including bag checks and metal detection for all patrons entering the venues of The Music Center over the coming months – beginning with the Mark Taper Forum production of A Transparent Musical. We look forward to welcoming you safely to our venues and appreciate your cooperation and patience with this new entry process. For more information, and a complete list of prohibited items, click here.

Beginning May 23, 2023, all attendees of Mark Taper Forum performances must take part in a pre-entry security screening before entering the venue. Upon arrival, please be prepared to empty your pockets of any items, undergo screening with a handheld metal detector wand, and have your bags and purses inspected. Oversized bags and overcoats are strictly prohibited. Leave prohibited items in your vehicle. Anyone leaving the security area will be re-screened prior to being admitted back into the venue. Please allow for additional time to facilitate this change in policy.

GETTING THROUGH BAG CHECK: Please do not bring the following items: Bags and Backpacks Measuring Larger Than Standard Backpack Size (16.75 inches x 13 inches x 8.5 inches) / Overcoats / Outside Alcoholic Beverages / Selfie Sticks / Glass / Smartboards / Narcotics / Firecrackers / Explosives / Sparklers / Firearms / Weapons / Identity-covering costumes / Sticks / Aerosol cans / Smoking Paraphernalia / Lighters / Fire Matches / Umbrellas


Come Early

In order to ensure you are able to settle into your seat comfortably and on time, we recommend arriving 30-45 minutes in advance of your Curtain time.

Vaccination Policy

While masks and full covid vaccination and booster shots are no longer required, they are strongly recommended at all of our venues.

Go to to make your vaccination appointment.

Stay Home If You Are Ill

If you or someone in your group doesn’t feel well, has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the previous 10 days, we ask that you make alternate arrangements to attend at a later date. Please contact Audience Services at 213.628.2772 for more information.

Wash Your Hands

Remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer stations located in the theatre lobbies.


Enhanced Filtration System

All venues at The Music Center have received the UL Verified Healthy Buildings Mark for Indoor Air and Water Quality. We have upgraded HVAC systems in all three venues, improving the air flow and maximizing circulation. The Music Center is the first performing arts center to receive this important designation.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

We have implemented an Enhanced Cleaning Program using EPA-approved COVID disinfectants with expedient cleaning of the entire campus. All seated areas are cleaned and sanitized after each performance, and all restrooms are cleaned before and after each performance.

Hand Sanitization Stations

Hand sanitization stations are available throughout our venues.

Digital Tickets

Tickets at Center Theatre Group are going paperless. To provide a contact-free experience, we are offering Digital Tickets at our venues. You can access, share, and scan your tickets via email, text message, or Apple Wallet. Learn how to access your digital tickets.

Contact-Free Experience

All restrooms have touchless fixtures including touchless flush valves and faucets. All windows at permanent and remote box office locations feature glass or plexiglass partitions that separate guests and box office staff. Center Theatre Group is also offering digital programs. Find out more information about The Music Center's safety plans.

For previous Health & Safety updates, visit our archived page.