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Gift ideas from us to you


The time has come to close the curtain on 2022. During this time of celebration and cheer, why not have theatre be a part of the gift you give to those you hold so dear? From The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe at the Mark Taper Forum to Everybody’sTalking About Jamie at the Ahmanson Theatre, here are some fun, theatre-inspired gifts that are sure to brighten your holiday season!


This past summer, the Tony Award®-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen returned to the Ahmanson Theatre, captivating audiences with its score and story. The musical is often represented by Evan’sinfamous hand cast, but we think that wouldn’t be the most suitable gift for your loved ones. At the end of the show, we see Evan meet his ex-girlfriend, Zoe, at a newly renovated Orchard dedicated to the memory of her brother. The Orchard is full of appletree seedlings, which are a beautiful metaphor for the closure Evan feels at the end of the show and the bright future ahead of him. In the spirit of renewal and the future, we suggest gifting your loved ones a plant for their home. An apple tree might be too big to include as a holiday present, but a potted plant is sure to bring a sense of renewal and freshness to the theatre-lover in your life. It’s also an excellent way to prepare for the coming of spring, bringing a touch of green to your home or office space.


This production at the Kirk Douglas Theatre started a conversation of class, race, and capitalism through a satirical-comedic lens, shedding light on a serious topic while still entertaining audiences. Sometimes, it is uncomfortable to have these conversations, but playwright Dave Harris pushed the scope of comedy and reality within this body of work. In the show, Tambo and Bones discover they are characters in a minstrel show and break free from the grasp of “the playwright,” represented by a puppet pulled from the audience. They argue with the puppet for putting them in the confines of the show, while taking initiative and control over their autonomy. Though the topics of the show highlight the grim aspects of life, we appreciate the satirical perspective the show brings to its storytelling. And for that reason, we recommend a puppet as a gift! You may be wondering, “Why would I give anyone I like a puppet?” Well, we never said you had to like the person, so if there is someone you need to hash things out with… or someone you feel needs an item to channel their emotional turmoil towards... a puppet may be a good olive branch to start with! Break free from the stigma!

2:22 – A GHOST STORY: AI Alarm Clock!

Halloween may be long over, but we kept the spooky festivities going all through November with our production of 2:22 –A Ghost Story. Jenny (played by Constance Wu) had to stay up late seeking out ghosts, so we hope this gift will help you stay up…instead of falling back asleep when your alarm goes off at 7am. Your AI alarm clock can help you do it all: wake up in the morning, plan your shopping list, or call a group of men for some ghost-busting action. Who knows… your AI clock might be all that will help when 2:22am rolls around… Happy Holidays!


Search... is a piece that has reminded us of the meaning of life here on Earth, captivating audiences through the comedic talent of SNL’s Cecily Strong. Though you may have gone home laughing, one thing that is not funny is going home after a show in the harsh L.A. winter nights. Now, it’s universally known that L.A. does not get very cold (I went to Chicago for the first time in January, now that is cold…), but it still would be nice to have a stylish piece of clothing to show off your pizzazz and stay warm. That is why our next gift recommendation is a warm trench coat! Trench coats are a timeless article of clothing, that can eventually be worn into the well-loved one we saw Cecily Strong in. It is a wonderful way to help someone stay in style this holiday season while feeling warm and cozy. Who knows, they may have a flight to Chicago after watching a show. I bet a coat would come in handy then.


We started off our 2022 calendar year with the North American premiere of the hit West End musical, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. Jamie reminded us of the importance of being yourself and owning your power. That is why we recommend a pair of bright ruby-red heels as an amazing gift for that special someone in your life! Why not start off 2023 as the sparkling diamond that lives within you? With heels like these, you’re sure to be the star of the show at any New Year’s Eve party you may attend, with your shoes shining just as bright as you.

KING JAMES: Basketball Mug!

Over at the Mark Taper Forum, we met Shawn and Matt, who bond over the rise of the Cavaliers’ Lebron James. Basketball is a sport known to many, and sometimes it can be hard to find a gift for the sports lover in your life. Sure, you can buy a basketball or tickets to a game as a gift, but we wanted to share something that highlights the fun relationship between our two characters and that is sure to excite the sports lover in your life! For you sports lovers, begin every morning with a fun game of shooting hoops with your cereal, or enjoy throwing three-pointers with the marshmallows in your hot cocoa! Whether you are a theatre-lover, sports fan, both, or neither−this gift is sure to be a slam dunk!