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Inspired by The Secret Garden: Experience the Flavors of LA's Secret Gardens at Home

Nourish your body and soul with garden-to-table cooking as you discover new flavors and ingredients found in the gardens of Los Angeles


The cast of "The Secret Garden" in the revival production of “The Secret Garden” at Center Theatre Group / Ahmanson Theatre February 19 through March 26, 2023.
Photo credit: Matthew Murphy of MurphyMade

The Secret Garden is a classic story of hope, magic, and transformation. The same kind of transformation can be experienced when you bring the beauty of The Secret Garden into your everyday cooking. Garden-to-table cooking in LA brings a magical element to nourishing meals, as you discover new flavors and ingredients while exploring the gardens of Los Angeles. 

Discover Your Garden

Finding a garden in LA can be easier than you think. There are many urban farms, community gardens and backyard gardens that supply an abundant harvest for local restaurants and home cooks alike. With so many choices available, it’s easy to find a garden in LA that fits your needs - whether it's for fresh herbs or vegetables, fruits or flowers. For example, if you live in the San Fernando Valley, The Farm LA is a great option for sourcing seasonal produce. The Garden Of ... in Hollywood also offers both starter kits and seeds to get you gardening right away.

Bring The Magic Home 

Once you have found your garden, it’s time to bring The Secret Garden's magic into your cooking. Start by picking the freshest ingredients from your garden, and then experiment with different flavors to create nutritious meals. The possibilities are endless - from grilled eggplant with rosemary and garlic to roasted tomatoes with thyme and olive oil. The beauty of garden-to-table cooking is that you can get creative in the kitchen and incorporate flavorful herbs, vegetables, and fruits into your everyday dishes. You’ll be amazed at the transformation of flavors when you use ingredients that have just been harvested. 

Take The Magic To The Table

Garden-to-table cooking in LA can bring magical element to your meals - transforming ordinary dishes with freshly picked flavors and fragrances. By taking the time to explore the gardens of Los Angeles and source fresh, nourishing ingredients for your meals, you can bring The Secret Garden's beauty and magic into your own kitchen. Plus, you’ll be doing a great service to your local farmers and gardeners while creating nutritious dishes that are sure to please. 

Share the Magic with Others

Garden-to-table cooking is meant to be shared. The bounty from your garden can be used to create delicious meals for friends and family, or even donated to food banks and other charitable organizations. The beauty and magic of The Secret Garden can be spread far and wide by sharing your homegrown produce and the magnificent delights you create in your kitchen.

Whether you cultivate your own at-home garden or discover a garden in your area, the wonders of garden-to-table cooking can infuse and enhance your life in the form of nutritious, flavorful meals that feed your body and soul. The magic is yours to create - start exploring and experiencing the magic for yourself.

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