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Inspired by The Secret Garden: Incredible Family Traditions from Around the World


The cast of "The Secret Garden" in the revival production of “The Secret Garden” at Center Theatre Group / Ahmanson Theatre February 19 through March 26, 2023.
Photo credit: Matthew Murphy of MurphyMade

Create memories that will last a lifetime by spending precious time together as a family.

There is something magical and so special about quality time together as a family. It is a time to create lasting memories, cherished traditions, and unbreakable bonds that can stand the test of time. From family gatherings on special occasions, to everyday rituals that bring everyone together, family traditions around the world provide a unique way for families to both make memories and celebrate their heritage. Here are just a few traditions that families throughout the world, whether by blood or by choice, share throughout the world.

Going to The Theatre

For family members who love literature and the arts, family outings to the theatre can be a great way to celebrate art and culture together. From classic plays to new works, sharing a night of the theatre or an afternoon at the movies is an enjoyable family tradition in many countries. Family-friendly shows like the timeless and iconic The Secret Garden is the perfect opportunity to continue this time-honored tradition or create a new one to be shared for generations to come.

Sharing a Meal Together

In many cultures, family meals provide an opportunity for family members to connect over the dinner table. From family recipes passed down through generations, to family members taking turns with the cooking and cleaning duties, sharing a meal together can bring family closer. 

Playing Games & Sports

Games of all shapes and sizes have been used by families throughout history as a means to strengthen family ties. Whether it’s outdoor sports like football or indoor board games like Monopoly, playing games is one way for family members to come together and socialize in a structured yet fun atmosphere. 

Gifting Meaningful Objects 

From heirloom jewelry pieces to new books or souvenirs from vacation, gift-giving is often seen as an act of love among family members. Giving meaningful gifts at special occasions such as birthdays and holidays serves not only to commemorate the family’s shared experiences, but also to remind family members of their special bond.

In this day and age, family traditions are more important than ever before. Whether you choose to keep an established family tradition or create your own, these timeless practices will help bring family members closer together in joy and celebration. 

We’d love to hear from you: Does your family participate in any of these traditions? What is your favorite part of your family tradition or your most cherished memory? Is there a family tradition that you celebrate that we missed? Sound off below!

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