Reward the employees, members, or clients of your organization with a free personalized webpage where they can purchase special priced tickets on their own! Just email us a logo and a short promotional word (less than 12 characters) and we will do the rest!

How to Access Your Account Partner Page

There are two ways to access your account partner page! One way is to go to your company's personal URL or you can go to and enter your company promotional word.


Personal Webpage
Purchase special priced tickets on an exclusive webpage that you can personalize based on your company needs! Take a sneak peek at current offers.
Customized Marketing
We will create custom emails and paper flyers for your office to help share this amazing opportunity!
Exclusive Event Invitations
By being the leader of your account partner page, receive exclusive invitations to select preview performances and a reception to kick off the new season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Expandable element What do I do if I do not know my company's URL or promo code word?

If you are not sure about your company's promotional code, please ask your company's HR/Employee Benefits office or email

Expandable element What do I do if I am using my URL and promo code but the page still isn't showing up?

Make sure there is no purple bar at the top of your screen. If there is, click "Remove and Return to General." If this still doesn’t work, email

Expandable element What if the show I want to purchase is not listed on the account partner page?

The account partner page is constantly changing based on what production is currently playing. Either check back a month before the desired production begins for your special savings or purchase through the general Center Theatre Group page.