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Luis Alfaro in "St. Jude" at the Douglas.

Photo by Craig Schwartz.

Three Solo Shows in Repertory

St. Jude

Radar L.A. Festival and DouglasPlus

Sep 14 – Oct 6, 2013

Kirk Douglas Theatre

World Premiere

Highway 99 becomes an emotionally charged memory lane for Luis Alfaro when his father has a stroke, compelling him to revisit the Central Valley of his childhood. As the family gathers around the ailing patriarch, the artist, activist, and MacArthur Fellow (Electricidad, Oedipus el Rey) conjures up memories of his youth (complete with an old-school slide show): from picking grapes to gospel-infused tent revivals, family holidays to running away from home at 16.

St. Jude is—in Alfaro’s words—“going from ‘what I am’ to ‘who I was.’” And it’s a remarkable journey rich with laughter, pathos, and surprising revelations.

Are you ready for the journey?

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Performance Length

Approx. 70 minutes, with no intermission.

Be Aware

Recommended for audiences ages 16+

Mature content, language and sexuality.

Children 6 and under who may cry or fidget are never admitted.