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Gob Squad in "Western Society."

Photo by David Baltzer/

DouglasPlus at REDCAT

Western Society

Sep 17–20, 2014

Venues Around L.A.

Western Society

United States Premiere

Gold stilettos, bucket loads of Ferrero Rocher, the least watched video on YouTube, a million years of human history condensed into 10 minutes. It’s a microcosm of the western world at a dinner table. The last supper of the self-obsessed us. And you, the audience, are invited to the banquet to watch and, some to partake. Gob Squad’s Western Society is a portrait of the world we live in, with the color and sound turned up to 11.

Gob Squad have found a microcosm of our entire civilization in a barely watched three-minute home video of a family karaoke party. Dressed in a look that can only be described as Paris Hilton wannabe meets bling casualty, the performers (with a few oh-so-lucky audience members) undertake a live reenactment of the video, standing in for the strangers on the screen known only as “lady with cake” or “remote control man.”

It’s all part of nothing less than a search for the essence of Western Society, a society where, just as in the YouTube video, everyone seems to be simultaneously together yet alone.

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The World premiere production of Western Society was originally produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin; Spielart Festival, Munich; and brut Wien, Vienna. The premiere was co-produced with House on Fire, with the support of Culture Programme of the European Union and Kulturverwaltung Berlin.

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