Virtual Modules

Welcome to CTG’s Virtual Learning Modules.

Since the shift to digital programming due to COVID-19, we have hosted many meaningful conversations between working creative professionals in the interest of providing guidance to the next generation of theatre artists.

Our idea behind the Virtual Learning Modules project was to aggregate selections of these conversations into learning modules that address aspects of navigating a life in the arts that may not be introduced in an undergraduate training program.

While these modules are designed with emerging artists in mind, we hope they also contain useful advice for artists who are mid-career and may have identified a gap in their knowledge, or who are pivoting to a different area of their field. Additionally, we have included reflection questions and learning activities for educators who would like to integrate this content into their lesson planning.

To begin, select the module that interests you and watch the introductory video that will orient you to the module content. Each section of the module can be experienced independently to suit the individual learner’s needs.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Welcome to the Financial Literacy Virtual Learning Module! Our goal for this module is to collect practical financial advice from real-worl...