Going Pro Career Fair

A full day of free career preparation, mentorship, and networking, designed to prepare students to step directly from higher education into a rewarding career in live theatre and entertainment.

Going Pro Career Fair 2021: Resilience and Change

Saturday, April 17, 2021
10am - 4:30pm

This year, we celebrate the resilience of theatre artists and imagine a new theatre landscape in this fully-virtual, free daylong event. Sessions will focus on how the events of the past year have impacted theatre artists; how students and emerging professionals can prepare to jump into the field as live theatre returns; and how we demand and create change. The event will mix live, interactive content with prerecorded sessions available for viewing at any time.

Going Pro is a free, daylong virtual event, and is open to current college and graduate students, early-career individuals, and college, university and trade tech educators.

Through April 12, registration is open only to students attending a college or university in California, educators currently teaching at college or university in California, and early-career individuals, based in California, intending to pursue a career in theatre and live entertainment. If space remains in the event, we will open it to others.


Do I count as early-career?
We think of ‘early-career’ as someone who has begun pursuing a career in their intended field, and who has been working in it for fewer than 8 years. However, we believe ‘early-career’ is self-defined. If you identify as an early-career individual, please RSVP.

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 5:00pm on April 15, 2021.

Going Pro Career Fair 2020

The 2020 all-virtual event focused on People: from agents and managers to artistic collaborators, a healthy, supportive network is a key component of a career in the arts. Learn how to cultivate your network, make informed business decisions, and celebrate your own artistry and strength with this video playlist of the Going Pro Career Fair.