Free tickets for qualifying nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and student organizations.


Center Theatre Group invites nonprofit organizations and schools to receive free tickets to the Ahmanson Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, and Kirk Douglas Theatre through our community ticketing program, In the House. We believe theatre creates an extraordinary connection between artists, audiences, and our community, uniting us all through the art of storytelling. We want to share this connection with the many communities of Los Angeles, through organizations who unify and empower us in their work.

Center Theatre Group’s In the House program distributes free tickets to early performances at the Ahmanson, Taper, and Douglas for qualifying nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and student organizations—these are good seats! Tickets are valued at ~$75 each and are not available to the general public. This season, we’re committing to giving away at least 3,000 tickets!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Expandable element Are all Center Theatre Group productions available through In the House?

Center Theatre Group currently is offering free tickets to the first performance(s) of all productions at the Mark Taper Forum and Kirk Douglas Theatre, and most productions at the Ahmanson Theatre. Check this page for updated information on currently available productions.

Expandable element What organizations are eligible to apply?

Nonprofit and educational organizations are eligible to apply. Examples include community centers, service organizations, youth empowerment organizations, middle and high schools, community colleges and universities.

Expandable element Which school organizations qualify for In the House?

Student organizations that are recognized by their educational institution qualify for In the House. This includes organizations with an official club/association constitution or materials that have been approved by the school.

Expandable element How are organizations selected?

Organizations will be selected based on need, quantity of tickets available, prior program participation, and how the production aligns with the organization's mission and programming.

Expandable element When are applications released?

Applications are released approximately one month prior to each In the House performance. Applications will be reviewed, approved, and tickets released soon after.

Expandable element How many tickets can I reserve?

Organizations may reserve up to 50 tickets.

Expandable element How many shows can I see with my organization?

Each organization is allowed to see one production at each theatre, per season based on availability.

Expandable element How are tickets reserved?

Approved organizations will receive a unique code to reserve tickets. This code can be shared with the group members.

Expandable element Will I know my ticket location when I reserve tickets?

Yes! You will be able to select your seat within the block reserved for your organization.

Expandable element Will the seats be next to each other?

Smaller groups have a better chance at being seated next to each other or near the same areas. Larger groups will have to be split up according to availability.

Expandable element Is there a minimum age for those who want to apply for In The House tickets?

Yes and no. However, organizations should evaluate each play individually as our minimum age recommendations fluctuate. Please check out our Show Guide for Parents for more information.

Expandable element I love In the House. How can I support Center Theatre Group’s efforts to bring more L.A. communities to the theatre?

First, thank you! We aren’t able to make In the House tickets possible without the inspiring support of our donors. Please join us. Or give us a call—we’d love to hear from you and learn more about how we can support you in paying it forward. Please contact us at 213.972.7564.