Organizational Finance

Welcome to the Organizational Finance section. This section focuses on the financial considerations that come with managing small to medium arts organizations, including project budgeting, managing donations, and the differences between non-profit and for-profit organizations.


These resources include suggested reflection questions and learning activities that could be incorporated into an undergraduate curriculum, or could be used by independent learners to assess their own level of financial literacy. You will also find downloadable resources created by theatre professionals to further enrich your financial planning.

Additional Resources

  • Theatrical Project Budget Template: Theater artist Diana Wyenn’s production budget and payment tracking template
  • Woolly Mammoth Sample Production Budget: A sample production budget provided by Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, D.C.
  • Guidestar: Guidestar is a database that contains free information on nonprofit organizations. You can use this database to discover and research nonprofits in your area.
  • LORT Theatres: The League of Resident Theatres is the largest professional theatre organization of its kind in the United States. You can use this website to discover and research all LORT theatres in your area.
  • Black Theatres Across the US:: This listing from American Theatre Magazine is a resource to find arts organizations dedicated to producing stage work about the African American and the Black experience. You can use this list to discover and research arts organizations that center Black voices.