Personal Finance

Welcome to the Personal Finance section. This section focuses on advice and strategies for independent artists to track expenses, manage income, and save for the future.

In addition to recorded conversations, each section contains helpful resources as well as sample curriculum for educators who wish to incorporate this content into their lesson planning.


These resources include suggested reflection questions and learning activities that could be incorporated into an undergraduate curriculum, or could be used by independent learners to assess their own level of financial literacy. You will also find downloadable resources created by theatre professionals to further enrich your financial planning.

Additional Resources

  • Financial Empowerment: Money Management for Theatre Artists: These slides include basic information and resource links that cover the financial factors of working in a creative industry.
  • Quicken: Quicken offers accounting software that can be used for individual financial tracking and management. It can also be used for small businesses, but is more limited than Quickbooks.
  • Mint: is a free personal budgeting app that helps individuals track spending and set financial goals.
  • Quickbooks: Quickbooks offers accounting software for tracking and managing business income and expenses.
  • Actors Fund: The Actors Fund offers financial education classes as well as emergency financial assistance for members of the entertainment community.
  • Dramatists Guild Business Advice for Writers: The Dramatists Guild has an extensive archive of articles and videos with advice on contracts, business, and finance management for playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists.
  • Financial Literacy Resources for Black Students: This page includes a helpful list of resources that contains links to podcasts, blogs, videos, and Black financial experts to follow.