The Emerging Artists Theatregoers, ages 18-24, will explore what theatre means in the #SaferAtHome world and its impact on future theatre-making. Applications open now through February 8th.

This year’s Emerging Artists Theatregoers will be at the cutting edge of virtual theatre and explore innovations in art-making that will define theatre well into the future! Theatregoers will have access to a diverse selection of virtual performances, get free and first-time access to Center Theatre Group's Digital Stage, and connect with other Emerging Artists to watch and discuss theatre in intimate discussion groups.

Bringing together the future theatre artists of Los Angeles, we will explore the cultural and artistic impact virtual theatre has on theatre-making.

Adrianne H.

Andrea G.

I’m enamored to be a part of a body that embraces and more importantly, celebrates my instincts as an artist. I hope to be doing this for a long time.

Alejandra R.

Angel L.

An important part of theatre-making is seeing theatre-making. I’m always passionate discussing the classics and new works being reimagined everyday and thrilled to be doing this in the Emerging Artists Theatregoers program!

Angel J.

Angel L.

It warms my heart to see that through the years, even in a time of collective loss and an unclear sight of the future, Art finds a way to stay constant. The show truly does go on and I'm very excited to be in the front row, watching it all unfold.

Ashley T.

Angel L.

Through this program, I am excited to gain knowledge and insight from seasoned professionals in the arts as well as discuss the future of theatre and discover new perspectives with fellow emerging artists!

Elena R.

Angel L.

I’m excited to be a part of the Emerging Artists Theatergoers program because I will get to re-engage with a medium near and dear to my heart while challenging myself to re-envision all that it can be. We are on the precipice of a new era of theater and I can’t wait to be a part of shaping it.

Estrella B-P.

Angel L.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Emerging Artist Theatregoer Program because theatre creates one of the most authentic and caring communities, so getting to share my love and passion with others who understand how important theatre is, is beyond exciting. I cannot wait to learn and grow alongside these fellow emerging artists.

Julia S.

Angel L.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to learn, grow and develop my leadership skills in the virtual theater community! Unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions, and I look forward to understanding how we can still make sure that the show must go on!

Maxwell O.

Angel L.

I’m eager to collaborate with other artists and create a virtual hub for telling unique stories. I seek to share a perspective that fosters new thought, and creates social change.

Naomi M.

Angel L.

I've always been interested in examining how art and entertainment have evolved alongside technology, and now is a time when that connection is particularly prevalent in theatre. I'm excited to experience a variety of approaches to virtual theatre, discuss how theatre has recently evolved, and explore what the future of theatre, virtual or not, may look like moving forward!

Nia M.

Angel L.

As an Emerging Artist Theatergoer, I look forward to witnessing the birth of a new way to create and visit with theater amidst social distancing and dissecting how these pieces function and how they can, and surely will, impact theater art indefinitely.

Socks W.

Angel L.

In a moment where it seemed like the live entertainment industry might be on its deathbed, virtual theatre has brought me so much joy and energy as an audience member, a performer, and a creative. I can't wait to dive deep with CTG into the expansive possibilities of virtual theatre and the future of performance as we know it!

Sofia L.

Angel L.

I am excited to grow from the Artists Theatregoers Program because we are collectively finding new ways to make theatre digitally—and that in itself is both scary and exciting!