The Center Theatre Group Teen Theatregoers program brings together teens, ages 14–18.

[I] remember feeling warmed by the final moments, where the audience all turned their cameras back on, and I was able to remind myself that I was not alone after all in this digital space.”

Lucy, Teen Theatregoer

The Center Theatre Group Teen Theatregoers program brings together teens, ages 14–18, to define what it means to be a virtual audience-member, attend fun and informative discussions with other teens and theatre professionals, and expand their knowledge of the theatre industry, all from the safety of their own home!

This year’s Teen Theatregoers are at the cutting edge of virtual theatre and exploring innovations in art-making that will define theatre well into the future! Theatregoers have free and first-time access to Center Theatre Group's special Digital Stage events and access to a diverse selection of virtual performances, including narrative theatre game apps, and exclusive plays from theatre archives.

Andrew B.

Andrea G.

I’m excited to get to discuss theater with other teens, and grow my appreciation for the arts!

Chrys G.

Angel L.

I am so excited to be a part of Teen Theatregoers because finding virtual theater to still experience theater during the pandemic has been very difficult, so having the opportunity to access virtual performances is incredible!

Coco C.

Angel L.

Theatre tells me everything, and it allows me to turn the sparkling moments of inspiration into the more tangible works. Thanks to the Center Theatre Group that brings impassioned Theatregoers together. Stories are being told, voices are being heard, compassion and resilience are being seen throughout this long and fruitful journey with them.

David G.

Angel L.

I am excited to be a part of the teen theatregoers program because it will be insightful to focus on theatre from the audience's point of view.

Jacey L.

Angel L.

I am excited to be a part of CTG's Teen Theatregoers program because I have the opportunity to explore my taste in theater while engaging in conversation with other students.

Julia M.

Angel L.

I applied for the teen theatregoers program in order to meet new people who like theatre, and to watch innovation begin in the way that theatre is performed and produced.

Julian B.

Angel L.

I am thrilled to be a part of this year's Teen Theatregoers, allowing me to rekindle my love for the theatre (both physical and digital) through thought provoking discussions and access to fantastic productions provided to me as a member.

Leilani Z.

Angel L.

I am excited to be a part of the Teen Theatregoers program because it will allow me to dive deeper into my love and personal tastes in Theatre.

Liv S.

Angel L.

I am excited to be a part of the Teen Theatergoers program because connection through art is so vital in our lives right now, and being exposed to all types of theater is something I am looking forward to bringing me and my peers a form of perspective.

Lucy C.

Angel L.

I am excited to participate in the Teen Theatregoers program and find a space where I can discuss theatre and hear other perspectives on art. I am also looking forward to forming bonds with people my age who have similar interests! Theatre has always been a source of community for me, and I am glad that this program can continue to provide that, especially these days when we are all physically separated.

Nicolas L.

Angel L.

I have always been interested in theater and am excited to explore it further.

Warren M.

Angel L.

Theatre is my everything. To be surrounded by likeminded peers is a chance of a lifetime.