Center Theatre Group is committed to creating learning opportunities, supporting career pathways and diversifying the field. The Center Theatre Group Apprenticeship Program is a paid opportunity for people with no background in professional theatre to get hands-on training in Technical Production and Artistic careers. Apprentices will shadow one or more theatre professionals, and will get the opportunity to not only sit in on the production process, but also to learn and practice skills necessary to work in these fields.

Summer 2023 Apprenticeships

Meet Center Theatre Group’s summer cohort of technical and artistic apprentices supporting Our Dear Dead Drug Lord by Alexis Scheer:

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Anthony Moses Sanchez, Scenic Design Assistantship 

School: East Los Angeles College 

Major: Theater Arts, Scenic Design 

Hometown: Whittier, California 

“I believe that art with beauty and love is a practice of healing. Plus, I’m excited to work on a project that’s nicknamed “Drug Lord.” 

Cindy Campos, Prop Apprentice 

School: East Los Angeles College 

Major: Theatre Arts 

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 

“My passion for Theater drives me to create art from the heart.” 

Natasha Wells, Costume Apprentice 

School: California State University, Northridge 

Major: Theatre 

Hometown: Burbank, CA 

“As a theatre lover and aspiring costumer, I am very excited and grateful to be given this incredible opportunity with the Center Theatre Group.” 

Audrey Szot, Scenic Design Apprentice 

School: Loyola Marymount University 

Major: Theatre Arts 

Hometown: Redmond, Washington 

“I love collaborating with other creative visionaries to tell unique and innovative stories!

Ari Hyman, Sound Design Apprentice 

School: University of Southern California 

Major: Sound Design 

Hometown: Chicago, IL 

“I am passionate about sound design in all of its aspects and applications and have a deep love for music, theater, and creative arts.” 

Hannah Froman, Directing Apprentice 

School: University of California, Santa Barbara 

Major: Theatre with a Directing Emphasis and English 

Hometown: Ventura, CA 

“My pronouns are she/they, and I am so grateful to have this apprenticeship as my first professional theatre experience.” 

Natalie Friedman, Directing Apprentice 

School: Northwestern University

Major: Theatre 

Hometown: Encino, CA 

"I am a Jewish Latina artist looking to uplift new perspectives onstage/on the screen, engage in meaningful collaborations, and in my free time you can find me exploring the outdoors, singing, playing guitar, or making pop up cards.” 

Expandable element Am I a good fit for this program?

There are many different “good fits” for this program. Use your application to tell us why a specific apprenticeship would help you at this point in your career or education.

Technical/Production Apprentices do not need to have any experience in live theatre. Apprentices can come from a broad variety of backgrounds. For example, some apprentices are in technical training programs, studying to become electricians or carpenters, while other apprentices are in a traditional two- or four-year college or university. Some are working in fields such as manufacturing, landscape design, painting, sewing, or construction, but are interested in the arts. You need to be curious about a career in theatre production and eager to learn more about it.

Artistic Apprentices need to have a strong demonstrated interest in the exact career focus of the apprenticeship. For example, a Playwriting Apprentice should have completed at least one full-length play, and a Directing Apprentice should have experience directing a full-length play either on-campus or within a setting such as community theatre. They should be strongly interested in going into the focus of the apprenticeship as a career.

Apprentices cannot have any previous paid experience in professional live theatre.

Expandable element When are apprenticeships offered, and what is the time commitment? Are they paid?

Apprenticeships are offered throughout the year in conjunction with selected Center Theatre Group productions and take place during a show’s rehearsal process. They last anywhere from two to six weeks, and anywhere from 80 to 130 hours in total. Applicants should have strong availability during the apprenticeship timeframe.

All apprenticeships are paid. Apprentices receive a stipend plus paid parking or a Metro pass. Stipends range from $880 for an 80-hour apprenticeship to $1,430 for a 130-hour apprenticeship.

Expandable element Do I need to have my own car?

No, you do not need your own car. However, Apprentices need to have reliable transportation to all of Center Theatre Group’s locations, including our Prop Shop/Costume Warehouse in East Los Angeles/Boyle Heights, our theatres and administrative office in Downtown L.A., and the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. Apprentices planning on taking public transit should be aware that the schedule will include nighttime rehearsals, and they may be traveling home after dark.

Expandable element What should I include in my resume? If I don’t have a resume, what should I submit?

A resume is a one- to two-page document that shows why you might be a good fit for a program or job. Your resume needs to include:

  • Your contact information.
  • Information about any previous experience that might help us understand why you would be a good fit for this program. Examples: a food service job that required customer service; theatre classes you have taken; work as an electrician; assistant directing experience on campus.
  • Hard skills that might be important for this apprenticeship. Examples of hard skills: welding, drafting, budgeting, script analysis, or painting.

If you don’t already have a resume, you can find free templates online to make one, or you can just type the information above into a Word document.

Expandable element Should I submit a cover letter or letter of recommendation?

No. Please submit only the documents we have asked for.

Expandable element I’m an alum of another Center Theatre Group program. Am I eligible?

Alumni of our Internship Program are ineligible for this program. Alumni of any of our teen initiatives, including the Student Ambassador Program, Teen Theatregoers Program, or August Wilson Monologue Competition, are encouraged to apply; please review the age requirements below. Former Apprentices cannot repeat the program.

Expandable element I’m an international student. May I apply?

Yes. International students have apprenticed with us while on a three-month student visa. However, we do not sponsor international applicants. A J1 Visa is likely not a viable option for our program, as the J1 is designed for a longer work opportunity than our short-term program. In order to participate, international applicants must have a United States Social Security number.

Expandable element Are there age requirements? Do I need to be in school?

We do not offer apprenticeships for high school students and/or people under the age of 18. We encourage young people under age 18 to sign up for our Education newsletter and explore our student events. Our program has no upper age limit. If you fit all eligibility requirements and believe you would benefit from our program, we encourage you to apply.

You do not need to be currently enrolled in school to apply for any apprenticeship. You do not need to have any college or post-high school training to apply.

If you have been out of school for more than one year (undergraduates), or if you are in or have graduated from a master’s or PhD program, you are not eligible for our Apprenticeship Program. Please take a look at our employment opportunities page instead.

Expandable element Tell me more about the diversity requirement.

This educational program is designed to support people who are members of a group that is underrepresented in careers in theatre in Los Angeles—meaning there are fewer people in those jobs than in the general Los Angeles County population. The examples we give are not meant to be comprehensive. We rely on you to tell us why you believe you fit the diversity requirement.

Please note that we are not asking why you think diversity is important, or how you plan to support diversity in your career. We want to know why you believe you are a member of an underrepresented group in theatre careers.