The Center Theatre Group Observership Program is a paid opportunity for diverse early-career theatre artists to sit in on a professional rehearsal process at one or more of our three theatres. The program may be especially beneficial for aspiring directors but is also open to designers, technicians, stage managers, playwrights, producers, and actors. 

The Winter 2023 cadre will support our production of A Christmas Story at the Ahmanson Theatre at The Music Center. Over the course of the program, a small group of Observers will learn what goes on in a professional rehearsal room, guided by a teaching artist. Then, the group will spend time in rehearsals, observing the process at several different phases. At the end of the Observership, each participant will provide written feedback about their experience.

Program Requirements

The Winter 2023 Observership Cycle will run from Nov 7 – Dec 8, 2023. Participants will attend weekly rehearsals for A Christmas Story. Each rehearsal observation session will be up to 6 hours, which includes time in the rehearsal room, preparation, discussion reflection outside the rehearsal room. In addition to the rehearsal observations, there will be 2 cadre meetings with the teaching artist at the beginning and conclusion of the observership. The stipend will be $600 for approximately 40 program hours over 4 weeks.


This program is open to:

  • Current undergraduates OR graduate students at two-year or four-year colleges and universities;
  • People who have graduated from a two-year or four-year college or university with an undergraduate degree within the last 12 months (cannot be masters or PhD graduates);
  • OR people who have pursued an alternate path to formal education (examples: military veterans, students at technical or trade schools, people who went directly into the workforce after high school). 

People who hold a master's and/or doctoral degree, people with extensive professional and/or paid experience in live theatre, people who no longer identify as early-career, and people who do not demonstrate adequate availability to meet the requirements of the program will not be considered, nor will students who do not address the Diversity Requirement. We encourage students with nontraditional career and educational paths to apply.

How To Apply

Applications for our Winter 2023 Observership cycle have closed. Successful candidates will be notified no later than Friday, November 3rd.

Diversity Requirement

Center Theatre Group’s Observerships are intended specifically for people who self-identify as a member of a group currently underrepresented in theatre production and artistic careers. Examples include but are not limited to: people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, women pursuing careers in production or other traditionally male-dominated areas, first-generation college students, people from low-income backgrounds, and military veterans. We seek to provide diverse emerging professionals with hands-on experience in an effort to promote diversity in the arts. Note that all applicants must answer the Diversity Requirement question to receive consideration. 


This is an educational program compensated with a stipend, and Observers are not being hired by Center Theatre Group.