Many theatres have education departments that help people learn more about theatre. Some people in theatre education work with children, hosting workshops or creating opportunities for youth to learn more about a particular play or musical. Others work with families or community members, inspiring people of all ages to explore their creativity. Theatre educators can be employed full-time by a theatre company, or can have contracts with several arts organizations. They often come from either a theatre background or a teaching background, although there are some programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in arts education or theatre education.

About the Video: Camille Schenkkan, Arts Educator

Camille Schenkkan's job is to get people excited about jobs like hers, and those of all her colleagues and collaborators. And since she loves her job (Program Director for Next Generation Initiatives at Center Theatre Group) and her field (theatre), she doesn't have a whole lot of trouble being convincing. Camille discusses how she introduces students to the many different jobs and career paths in the theatre world, the day-to-day duties of her own gig, and why you shouldn’t necessarily listen when people tell you to find a better-paying, more stable line of work.