A director shapes a production of a play or musical by guiding artists toward a creative vision. Directors are usually independent artists hired on a per-show contract by a theatre company. Some theatres have full- or part-time staff members, such as artistic directors, who also direct shows. Directors have a broad range of educational backgrounds; some studied directing in college, while some started as actors or playwrights. Directors usually build their resume by starting their careers at small theatres or colleges, and working up to larger regional theatres.

About the Video: Sean Cawelti, Director

Have you ever wanted to combine your love of filmmaking and your love of theatre? Or to transform your childhood fascination with the Muppets into a career? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should look to Sean Cawelti, artistic director of Rogue Artists Ensemble and a freelance designer and director who specializes in video, puppetry, and masks, for inspiration. Cawelti discusses what it means to make video for the theatre, how the design process unfolds, the work that inspired him as a child (including Disneyland and the Muppets), his advice for aspiring artists, and why he loves his job.

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