This term can have many meanings within theatre, but it usually refers to a person who manages all aspects of a production, from overseeing the budget to hiring the director and other artists. Producers have to understand both the creative and business sides of theatre. They may also be involved in raising money for a production. A midsize or large theatre may have several producers on staff who are assigned to shows throughout the season. There are also independent theatre producers who either work for themselves or are hired on a per-show contract basis by a theatre company. This is a great career for a highly organized person who has a talent for making things happen. Producers have a variety of educational backgrounds, but usually have had some experience in both theatre and business.

About the Video: Lindsay Allbaugh, Associate Producer

Center Theatre Group Associate Producer Lindsay Allbaugh describes producing as being “a shepherd. We are with the show from the beginning all the way to the very end.” Some days, that means channeling information between artists and an institution. Other days, that means troubleshooting at a technical rehearsal. Allbaugh, who worked her way from an internship at Steppenwolf Theatre to an assistant position at Center Theatre Group to her current role today, explains what she loves about her job and how she got there.