Finance, Data Management & Information Systems

Working in theatre isn’t just being onstage or in the wings. Technology has made buying a ticket to a show simple for audience members, but it takes a lot of people working hard behind-the-scenes to get you the seats and show date you want. Theatres need to pay bills, process credit card transactions, and maintain computer systems. Like any business or nonprofit, they need staff who work in finance and information systems/information technology, so if you’re good with numbers and love the arts, there’s a career waiting for you. Many theatres also use Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) technology: a way to track the purchases and activities of their patrons. Jobs in these areas are part-time at small organizations and full-time, salary positions at larger ones.

About the Video: Mandy Ratliff, Web & Database Administrator

As a high school student, Mandy Ratliff was a drama kid and a member of the math team—so perhaps she was destined to be a theatre data maven. In the video, the Center Theatre Group Senior Web & Database Administrator talks about how she developed skills and knowledge on the job, getting her big break when the company’s previous database manager went on vacation, and how her job combines her love of logic and creativity.

Resources & More Information

  • Center Theatre Group uses Tessitura, a database management tool (CRM). Their website has information about how you can attend their conference and learn more about the system.